Whitetail Deer

Sunhillow Farm began raising whitetail deer in 2015.  We acquired genetically superior deer from local farmers with a good mix of northern and Texas deer genetics and began our breeding program.  Over the years we have sold mature bucks and bred does to Louisiana breeders and preserve owners.  We are registered with the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry as farm #561.  We are also a lifetime member of the Whitetails of Louisiana breeders organization.

Our genetics are a mix of northern and Texas deer.  Our two breeder bucks are shown below.  SY14 NADR#237175 is out of 2B Red 80/144349; 2B Conan/91685 and V-Tex Red 13/19336;  2B 5058 is out of V-Tex Wide Open/112045 and 2B Red 28/139985. Our matriarch doe is BL 2039 out of Y-90/112261 and Wh 89/95957.  Other genetics in our family trees include:  V-Tex Eagle Eye/19326, Pur 1026/95975; Gladiator/12190; and Maxbo/945.  Stocker bucks, breeder bucks, bred does and fawns are available for purchase.   

During your stay on,  or visit to,  the farm, you may have the opportunity to be able to assist in the feeding of the deer, which is generally every two to three days.  Beginning around the middle of May, the does start giving birth to their fawns which normally lasts through the end of July.  What a sight to see all the young deer running around in the pens during this period of time.  All of our deer are for sale to any registered deer farm in the state.  If you are interested in purchasing deer from us, please contact us to schedule a visit and tour of the farm.